Rainy Day Sports Day

On Monday 13th July Year 2 took part in a mini sports day. We got into our house teams and did events like javelin, skipping and team games including balancing a quiot and collecting bean bags. Miss Makin tallied the scores and annouced that the winners were WAYOH! Head over to the secure gallery to see some pictures of us in ACTION!


Diversity Day Year 2

Monday 18th May was Diversity Day for the whole school. In Year 2 we tasted Jamacian Patties, tasted Indian food and an Indian pudding. We also created henna patterns on hands and feet, took part in some Bollywood dancing, made some Indian sweets, created Rangoli patterns using rice and learnt lots of intesting facts from the people that came to visit us. We had a really, really good and and learnt lots of different information on some of thedifferent cultures from around the world.

By TR & AS