Year 3 Homework 4th March 2016


Following on from our World Book Day work on the Twits, I would like you to write your own book review of the book.  Remember to tell everyone what you enjoyed about the book and why.

What was your favourite part and why?

Who would you recommend this book too?

Would you recommend any other Roald Dahl books to your friends? Explain why his book is a good choice.

REMEMBER – when you add your comments, only show your initials not your full name.

Year 3 Learning Update

This week  in Year Three we have been learning all about  Ancient Greece and how they lived. For our topic we had a WOW DAY!!! we learnt about greek myths and legends. We learnt the difference between Sparta and Athens.

In maths  we have  been learning about roman numerals, perpendicular and parallel lines.

Can you tell me what the roman numeral is for 500?

By LS and JW



Year 3 Learning Update

This week in year 3, we have been learning a new method in maths called grid multiplication.  We were working out very hard sums.  Like 2 digit by 2 digit, 2 digit by 1digit, 3 digit by 1 digit and 3 digit by 2 digit.  In  P.E, we have been learning running skills, for example when your run you need to run on the balls of your feet.

When you run where do swing your arms from and to?


By J.SC and M.M

What happens next… by Theo

1.  I think that the loud music would knock them into a hole and they would trip over a ginormous rock and fall into a vortex.   I think that they didn’t like the music which would get into their heads which would make them fall.

2. Rocking land has got loads of music and is really noisy.  The saucepan man makes lots of bangs with the his saucepans in his house but it isn’t noisy anywhere else.

3.  The author wants us to feel like we are there and trying to make us excited about the different fairy tales.

4. Is there something wrong with the saucepan man, because he has gone deaf and does the opposite of what is said?  Why has he gone deaf?

Year 3 learning update

In year three, we have been writing facts about growing plants, in the ict suite.

In our P.E lessons, we have been practising rounders and playing matches. Also, we have been practicing different positions in rounders.

We have learnt a new method in maths and used it with money problems.  We were subracting money using three and two digit numbers.  Also, we had to work out which method to use. In literacy we have assessed each others adventure stories and we have started our new genre of play scripts.

On Monday, we had into faith day and lots of different people came in and talked about their religion. We tasted some Indian sweets.

How many bases do you have to run in rounders before you get back?

By J.SC and F.D

Toby Finch Homework Task

1) Silky will come and help Moonface,Saucepan man,Joe,Beth and frannie because silky is their friend.

2)Rocking land is different to saucepan land  because in saucepan  land you can move how you like however you can’t control your movements in Rocking land.

3)The author wants you to feel  that Rocking land is an unpleasant land were you feel sick and dizzy not being able to stop the movement.

4)How did the Rocking land get on the giants back?