Our Learning Review of the Year!

Please tell me all about your learning this year. What have you enjoyed the most? What lessons, themed days, events or trips have been memorable or special to you? Why? In which areas of learning have you most improved? What are you proud of? Think carefully about your comments. Be positive, celebrate your achievements and feel proud of your success! Try to make your comments as personal as possible. For example, don’t say: I enjoyed art. Give me more detail! E.g. I feel proud of the way I successfully mixed watercolours to create vibrant colours in my Georgia O’Keeffe inspired poppy painting. 

I am going to put all your comments in a big book of memories of our wonderful year together.

I can’t wait to read them!

Miss Hextall



Homework 13.5.16 – continue the story!

Read the story opening and carry it on in a similar style. Read the last person’s entry and continue the plot in a way that makes sense. Use and apply all your writing skills. Try to make the story as exciting as possible! Don’t end the story, as other children won’t be able to follow on from that. We will write an ending together in class next week.

As Peter stepped into the woods, he heard a strange noise. Around him, the trees stood silently like statues, watching his every move. Above his head, beyond the tall treetops, a solitary star glittered like a diamond in the black velvet sky. He knew he shouldn’t have come home this way. But he daren’t be late home again. Not today.


Our Learning This Week

Wow! What a busy and exciting week we have had! All the children have done a fantastic job of researching and practising our class assembly, showing lots of creativity, confidence and team-work skills. They performed brilliantly this morning despite the complications caused by the severe weather! I am VERY proud.

World Book Day yesterday was lots of fun too. The children had a great time creating marvellous medicines to include in a class recipe book. We had lots of fun thinking up horrible ingredients then measuring out and mixing them in a giant saucepan! To their delight, the finished mixture smelt absolutely disgusting!

Children, what have you enjoyed this week?

Miss Hextall








Our Georgia O’Keeffe learning in Year4

In year 4 we have started learning about  Georgia  O’Keeffe.We have done our own paintings inspired by her work.  She painted close ups of flowers so  we had to paint a flower but making sure that the petals were touching the edge of the paper. Georgia O’Keeffe used every bit of space  and made sure that she didn’t leave a bit of white space. She always used ahot and cool coulor.

By L.S.

Year four learning by Charlotte

 So far in year four  I have learnt  about using fronted adverbials of time to show how time passes in the day.We used these to write a story about a lighthouse keeper and his lighthouse. In Maths, we have been measuring in millimetres , centimetres and metres.On the playground we found out the perimiter of different things and recorded them. After we had created our stories we then edited them.


By C.H


What i have learnt in year 4

In year 4 this year we started by punctuating direct speech. For example: yay it’s weekend screamed the children as they ran out of the gates, this is before is punctuated. “Yay it’s weekend!” screamed the children as they ran out of the gates, this is after it was punctuated. Next, we used apostrophes to show possesssion. For example, the bike’s brakes were very squeaky, is the correct way to use this type of  apostrophe. After that, we structured paragraphs with three different sentences. Topic, detail and closing. We found a paragraph about the Romans and copied it onto three pieces of different coloured paper. Green for topic , yellow for detail and red for closing.

By C.H

Year 4 Learning Update

This week in year 4 we have been learning about bees and wildlife animals. We found it interesting when we got an information text about bees and then we wrote about how to attract them into your garden.

In maths this week, we did a practical investigation. We had to find how many daisies were in the playing field in our school. To do this we had to find out the area of the field. Then we found out how many daisies were in 1m squared. Finally we multiplied the daisies in 1m squared by the area of the field.

In art this week we have been learning about Paul Klee and we made an inspired Paul Klee picture.

When do you think Paul Klee was born?

By LD and AK