Year Learning 5 Update

This week in Year Five we have been learning about changes and life cycles on how we grow up.  We enjoyed how we sketched a picture of our selfs enspired by Paul  Klee  and covered it in different colured tissue paper.

In maths we learnt about how long it takes for mammals to give birth. To do this we searched it up and put the information into a line graph.

How long do  you think mammals a  pregnant for?

by HRH and ZT






Year 5 Learning Update

This week we have been learning about angles in maths and the degrees of every angle for example obtuse, accute and right-angle.Also we drew diffrent 2D and  3D shapes then we wrote about each shape and what angle they have. In our topic we have been learning about the battle of hastings then we drew it on a storyboard and wrote  the story to show what the pictures mean.

what is a twelve sided shape called ?



Year 5 Learning Update

We have been writing are own story about Beowulf and Grendle. We have also been discusing are Anglo Saxons village and what we need to improve. In P.E we have been doing cricket and finding cluse in are other P.E lesson. (It was great.) This week has been amazing with all are learning. On interfaith day we all learnt alot about new faiths and religions.

What did Anglo Saxons do for entertainment.

By OE and HW

Year 5 Learning Update

This week in year 5 we have been starting are Amazing Anglo Saxon topic. We have been learning about the sory of Beowulf. It was originaly a poem but it was converted into a story because it was so long.

In maths this week we have been learning about measures and converting imperial measurements into metric measurements. Yesterday we  stood around a table and Mrs Whittingham poured some liquid into a pint glass and Mrs Whittingham said two pints is a litre so if we had 4 pints we would have two litres. Mrs Whittingham also measured the weight of rice and skittles in diffrents tubs. Then we said the skittles were heavier but it turnes out that they weighed more because of the tub.

On Tuesday we did cricket with Amal our cricket teacher. We practised our skills of bowling. We  also played a match with one team batting and one team fielding then we swapped.

What would you like the next topic to be?

by HD AF

Year 5 learning update

This week we have started our new topic on the Anglo Saxons. In R.E. we learnt about the Anglo Saxons religon and we new  nothing before the lesson, but after we knew lots. We started our KWL grid,  lots of us only knew one thing but we put lots of questions though. In Maths we have learnt how to add Fractions, at first it was hard but it is easy now Mrs Whittingham has tought it to us. Also this week we have started  our new class Novel which is about a brave worrier called Bearwolf who fought a beast Guendilin.

by LD TM


By LD and TM


Year 5 Learning Update

In litracy  we have been learning about how to edit and improve our writing. Mrs Whittingham  showed us an easy  method called 1 2 3 check.

  1.  was  read  your writing
  2. swap with a partner
  3. was read the words from the end to begging

And finaly check

In maths we’ve been learing about equlavalent fractions, our task was to find  three equivalent fractions to  the fractions  that was on the sheet.






WOW day

I really liked wow day, the breakfast was one of the best parts of the day!! Making dream catchers was really good fun. Playing American football was cool as well we learn’t about the rules of play and the different positions then got a chance to try it out
thanks Chloe’s dad coming in.
Lewis Henderson