Kensuke’s Kingdom – Abunai!

During chapter 6, Michael was adamant about going swimming despite Kensuke’s warnings. Kensuke was trying to help Michael and advise him about not entering the water due to the jellyfish. Michael should have listened. Why did Michael not listen to Kensuke and do you feel he was right? If you were Kensuke, would you have saved Michael?

Year 6 Learning Update

This week in Year Six we have been learning  how to escape Year 6 by reading OS maps  and calculating the distance from  one place to another. Our  class novel is Pig Heart  Boy by Malorie Blackman and we wrote a letter to  him persuading him that he should  have his heart transplant even though it is Experimental,   Constroversial and Risky. In maths we’ve been doing column multiplacation.

Our question of the week is What  does OS stand for?

By ET and BSB



year 6 Learning update

This week in Year Six we have found out that our new topic is ‘I’m a year 6 pupil get me out of here!’; we went out on the field to do an orienteering challange. We had to run to signs located on a map and remember the number on it. The first team to get all 10 numbers won. In P.E. we focused on rounders and cricket. We worked on our catching and bowling skills. In maths we have learnt a new way to multiply (couloumn multiplication).

By I.H. and G.R.

Year 6 Learning Update

This week in Year 6, we have been mainly focusing on English. Inspired by our class novel, Pig Heart Boy, we have written a diary entry as the main character who needs a heart transplant but there are no human donors available; there is only a pig heart available. In P.E. we have been looking at our striking and fielding skills (rounders and cricket) and applying them into matches. We are having a cricket match against Year 5 at Egerton Cricket Club today. In maths, we have been looking at scatter graphs and using precision to work out the co-ordinate of the points in the graph. In ICT, we have researched a healthy lifestyle and used our Microsoft Publisher skill to show our information in a poster. In art we have been designing a cover for our Summer 2015 singing CD.

Would you have a pig’s heart although you have a risk of dying?

By L.C and S.M.H.L

Year 6 Learning Update

This week, in art we have been focusing on pottery. We have made pots and tiles out of clay then we engraved mayan patterns onto them. We are now at the stage where we are ready to paint them. In P.E., we have looked at our cricket skills and learnt how to do the pull shot and how to bowl. The main focus this week was Blood. We have wrote an explanation report on the three parts of blood(plasma, white blood cells and red blood cells). Did you know that over 50 billion  whiteblood cells are roaming around inside your body?

By I.H. and B.S.B.

Is it right to use an animal’s organ to help a person survive?

During our class novel, Pig Heart Boy, the main character is possibly going to have a heart transplant.   Unfortunately, there are no human donars available; the only option is a pig’s heart!  Is it right that an animal should lose their life so that Cam can survive?

Year 6 Learning Update

In year six this week we have been working on our ,therefore we have been doing a lot of revising .In maths we have been learning a lot about fractions such as how to add , subtract , times and divide them securely . In literacy we have been working on backing our points up with evidence so we can apply it in our reading tests .We have also been having small arguements so when we come to write our own we have lots of ideas and evidence to apply.

What is 1/4+5/8= ???
By L.M and S.D .